Financial institutions

We work with financial services clients to drive long-term, sustainable growth. Our goal is to develop innovative responses for financial institutions in a rapidly changing environment. We work with financial services clients to generate long-term sustainable growth. Our goal is to develop innovative responses for financial institutions in a rapidly changing environment.

Customers increasingly expect better experiences from their financial institutions. Banks, microfinance, and even insurance companies, must become bionic organizations that serve their customers in ways the financial services industry is only beginning to envision. Bionic organizations are those that adopt a perspective that combines automation and augmentation, machine and human. Those that will emerge from this transformational effort will in many ways form a new class of organization sharing common genomes with the bionic enterprise. WAT&CO helps financial institutions transform their services and use digital innovations to build the future and set new standards of excellence.

Financial institutions are challenged to do more for customers across all industries. Despite pressure on margins, banks must find ways to meet new expectations. We partner with many leading financial services companies on a range of marketing and distribution challenges. Our recent work includes:

  • Developing a differentiated value proposition and marketing plan for the agency market business unit of a French-owned microfinance company.
  • Create the CIMA zone distribution plan of an insurer focused on growth across products, channels, customer segments and geographies.
  • Designing a leading mobile-social-local strategy for a retail bank.

We integrate our knowledge of business strategy, organizational performance leadership and operations excellence to serve our clients with a full range of expertise on marketing and distribution issues .

We applied our core capabilities in business strategy, value creation, customer journey, sustainability , and innovation strategy to implement highly targeted and large-scale end-to-end business transformations in the financial sector. Our big challenges include improving personalization, deepening analytics, advancing technology in operations, increasing efficiency and mitigating risk.


Our main levers include:

Optimizing marketing spend. The customer experience. Advice on sales force productivity.
We help our clients take a holistic view of how they market their products and services, using a series of proven AMA (American Marketing Association) techniques to achieve significantly higher performance, from brand awareness to usage and consumer loyalty. By using both effectiveness and efficiency techniques, clients improve the performance of their marketing investments, often reducing the resources consumed by marketing activities. We help our clients assess current and potential service delivery models across all channels in the CIMA and OHADA zone, identify opportunities to create better experiences for their customers, and show how this improved experience can be achieved. translate into economic value. Our proprietary approach and company- and segment-specific consumer behavior data enable clients to prioritize investments and optimize marketing spend. We work with our clients to achieve and sustain revenue growth by improving the productivity of their consultative sales forces. We focus on understanding producer mindsets and barriers to sales at different career stages, and we have proprietary research on several aspects of distribution, including meeting consumer needs as they prepare and are entering retirement. We have distinct sales management capabilities, including recruiting, teams, training, compensation, and roles played by two critical entities: head office and frontline managers.

With in-depth experience in the CIMA zone in General and Cameroon in particular, we work side by side with our clients and are fully invested in their success.

We treat every business as if it were our own. We know how to develop clear and practical action plans and how to implement them effectively, to ensure real and lasting improvement in performance. We have undisputed expertise in the strategic and operational areas financial services companies are currently focused on, complemented by a wide range of specialist capabilities, including:

  • Emerging trends and opportunities in sustainability, to ensure you pursue pragmatic actions that generate a strong return on investment.
  • Organizational improvement and reinvention, including operating model redesign, the transformative power of Agile business, and a full suite of enterprise technology capabilities. company.
  • The growth of loyalty and the customer experience
  • A wide range of performance improvement disciplines, from zero-based budgeting to cost transformation.
  • WATOMATIC® our unique cross-capability approach to digital delivery, which combines our expertise in automation, enterprise technology, advanced analytics, digital innovation and related disciplines, complemented by a robust ecosystem of best-in-class partners.< /li>

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