Insurance and Reinsurance Industries in the CIMA zone

We support our clients in the sector to become more agile, more digital and more responsive to their customers.

Preparing for a future that seems increasingly uncertain is the mandate of the leaders of the CIMA zone insurance sector, who face the daunting challenge of innovating in a context volatility and increasing turbulence. As your trusted advisor, we can help you rethink how your business can win no matter what. We do not simply propose to adopt technology in your operations, but we support you in applying the right levers in the right way.

Across the CIMA zone, we WAT&CO exist to help insurance companies harness new digital capabilities, build customer loyalty, and turn data into a competitive advantage. Our insurance consultants help all types of insurers (property and casualty, life, health, reinsurers, etc.) to become more agile and adapt to changing insurance markets. We support compliance and risk managers who must meet increasingly complex CIMA regulatory requirements while helping their businesses grow and prosper.

As the pace of digitalization accelerates, clients expect seamless integration of digital and traditional operations from their insurers. Our digital strategy practitioners can help you meet this challenge and also help you prepare for the future of insurance distribution. Our proprietary advanced analysis framework constantly improves decision-making and reduces risk. We'll ensure you thrive in the digital economy, deploying the automation and artificial intelligence solutions that will streamline your operations and accelerate your strategy. Our insurance experts will help you understand the changing preferences of people in the CIMA zone, and complex market conditions, so you can seize the opportunities they present, before someone else does. do it. Our main levers include:

Value creation and growth Customer focus. Business Intelligence.
In an industry often seen as fast-paced, investors react to bold moves. We help manufacturers identify strategic partnership deals, technology investments and deals that drive growth. We help reimagine the customer journey from the customer's perspective, so companies can improve touchpoints, response times, and quality while delivering seamless interactions, greater transparency, and personalized service. We help manufacturers leverage data science, especially Artificial Intelligence, to inform decision-makers and transform decision-making.
Productivity Innovation Agility
The uncertain situation in the industrial sector, with big fish arriving from all over the world at any time, should encourage manufacturers to focus on five key areas requiring a proactive response: distribution, customer service , operations, organization and production management. We help identify and deliver productivity improvements that accelerate this response. Those who adopt an innovative mindset can come out on top. Our industry experts partner with the Innovation Academy to deliver near-term impact and fuel longer-term plant transformations. It allows teams to move faster and with greater autonomy. We help manufacturing companies embrace agility at scale and accelerate product development.

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