Travel Industries

We help travel managers develop holistic strategies that can evolve to meet changing traveler tastes, focusing on building internal processes and capabilities that form a model more sustainable business.

The unprecedented change in the way we travel has created an urgent need to rethink tourism, accommodation and hospitality. As industry standards and practices continue to evolve, there is an opportunity to incorporate new technologies and methodologies that will define a new era of modern travel and tourism in Africa. We bring an in-depth understanding of the functioning of the travel and tourism sectors.

Over the past two years, we have collaborated on more than 05 travel and tourism initiatives, working closely with transport companies, the hospitality industry, theme parks, gaming and casinos, government tourism organizations, etc.

We treat travel and tourism as a cultural entity. Travel and tourism needs a highly personalized approach. This is what we offer at WAT&CO.

Our main levers include:

Parcel industry Logistics and freight industry. Social Impact
Our tailor-made strategic advice enables parcel transport companies to create value from recognized brands and local customers. We help players leverage the familiarity and trust of their clients to maintain attractive profit pools. And we position them to claim and maximize the benefits of the last move. We help companies in the sector focus on their most profitable regions and markets. And we help deploy digital and analytical capabilities to unlock once-achievable value only through asset-intensive approaches. . Business and capital have the power to be forces for good. Our social impact consulting team helps clients transform their core business to create positive economic, environmental and societal impact in a cost-effective way over the long term.

If there is a positive side to globalization, it is this: tourism companies have the opportunity to think much more daringly in the future because people come from all over. Companies that act quickly and remain flexible to adapt to globalization are likely to gain significant market share and secure their positions.

Fundamentals still matter. Tourism businesses need to manage pricing and short-term customer relationships, while readjusting their revenue management systems to optimize revenue for economic recovery. But innovation, driven by bold ambitions, will be the real key to strong performance.

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